Monthly Archive: February 2015

First UN post-2015 development agenda session: Southern perspectives on broad contours, principles and imperatives

By Bhumika Muchhala (Third World Network)

The United Nations General Assembly negotiations on the post-2015 development agenda kicked off on 19-21 January 2015 with Member States putting forward the broad contours of what they envision for the next 15 years of international development cooperation. Read more…

The “A” Word: Monitoring the SDGs

Twenty-two UN independent human rights rapporteurs wrote to the Rio+20 Summit that “real risk exists that commitments made in Rio will remain empty promises without effective monitoring and accountability.” This danger also exists for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Could Universal Periodic Reviews (UPRs) of SDG progress be the answer?

Read and analysis on this question by Roberto Bissio (Social Watch) in a new briefing paper for Future United Nations Development System. Read more… / Spanish version

Redefining aid: Is it good, bad or ugly?

The concept of Total Official Support for Sustainable Development (TOSD) is being promoted as an alternative to the current Official Development Assistance (ODA). Is this going to put more money on the table or just “creative accounting” to meet the commitments made by developed countries without paying? Read more… / Spanish version

L’après 2015 et FdD3 : Démarrage des débats et apparition de lignes de démarcation politiques

Par Barbara Adams, Gretchen Luchsinger

L’année 2015 est une année cruciale. Le programme de développement durable pour l’après 2015 en cours d’élaboration, est fondé sur la réalité selon laquelle le modèle actuel ne fonctionne pas, compte tenu de l’aggravation des inégalités et d’avoir pousser à l’extrême les éléments essentiels à la survie de notre planète. Les pays, les peuples, ainsi que la planète de laquelle nous dépendons, méritent un autre modèle, de meilleure qualité et qui soit inclusif et durable. Read more…

Post-2015 and FfD3: Debates Begin, Political Lines Emerge

By Barbara Adams, Gretchen Luchsinger

Download this briefing (pdf, 150 KB)

This document is also available in Spanish and in French.

2015 is a pivotal year. The post–2015 sustainable development agenda currently being drafted is premised on the reality that the present model of development is not working, given worsening inequalities and straining planetary boundaries. All countries and peoples—and the planet on which we depend–have the right to live with a better model, one that is inclusive and sustainable. Read more… / Spanish version