Financial Integrity and Transparency in the Post-2015 Agenda

by Hubert René Schillinger, FES Geneva

In this contribution to a session  on “From Millenium to Sustainable Development Goals: Is transparency the key to unlocking our human potential?” at the GFI/FES Conference on “Financial Transparency and Human Rights” Hubert Schillinger does not elaborate on the positive impact of more financial transparency and the curbing of illicit financial flows for the realization of the new set of global goals. It is fairly obvious that increasing the availability of funds in the order of magnitude in which the developing world, Africa in particular, is estimated to currently losing them, could boost development significantly. Instead this contribution a) looks at the role financial integrity and transparency is playing so far in the Post-2015 Development Agenda and b) makes some suggestions as to how this framework could be harnessed further to promote the agenda for financial justice and the curbing of illicit financial flows. Before doing so it will start with a short background on the road from Millenium to Sustainable Development Goals and on some of the main characteristics of SDGs and the Post-2015 Development Agenda as a whole.

Read more in the full paper here (pdf, 550 KB).

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