Pact for the Future: Reform of UN Security Council?

Marina Lent and Saniya Mittal

The Pact for the Future, the proposed outcome of the Summit of the Future, will address Security Council reform in Chapter 5, on global governance. The Pact’s draft and process have a placeholder for input from the Intergovernmental Negotiations (IGN), which is due by the end of June 2024. 

The linkage of on-going and decades-long Security Council reform with the September 2024 deadline for adopting the Pact for the Future has contributed to the intensity of engagement from all Member States and shaped alignments and alliances that criss-cross a number of Member State groupings and alliances within and outside the United Nations.

This Global Policy Watch Factsheet #6 on the Pact for the Future: Reform of UN Security Council contains Member State perspectives throughout the IGN process, along with the different groupings within, and the ways in which reform of the veto is being discussed.  


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